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Status and Trends: LISS Environmental Indicators

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No Discharge Area

Source: EPA

What are No Discharge Areas?

A No Discharge Area (NDA) is an area of a water body or an entire water body into which the discharge of sewage (whether treated or untreated) from all vessels is completely prohibited. (EPA)

Vessel sewage discharge is regulated under Section 312 of the Clean Water Act.  States can have all or portions of their waters designated as a no discharge zone for vessel sewage to protect aquatic habitats or to safeguard human health. (EPA)

What does this indicate?

This indicator represents progress towards eliminating a major source of pathogens to Long Island Sound.


In 2007, the US EPA approved Connecticut’s designation of all coastal waters of the state as a No Discharge Area for vessels. Connecticut was the third New England state to receive the NDA designation for its coastal waters. In 2011, EPA approved New York’s designation for Long Island Sound waters in New York. A key criteria to the designations were the abilities of the states to provide adequate boat pump-out facilities throughout the coastal region.

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