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Borough Restoration


In the 19th century this parcel overlooking Little Narragansett Bay in Stonington Borough housed a pottery factory. In the 20th century, it was a privately-owned field that was a popular spot for an annual Easter-day baseball game. Now in the 21st century the “Dodge Paddock and Beal Preserve” has been transformed into a vital and scenic coastal habitat. It protects the nearby homes and businesses from storms and the impacts of sea level rise, and it holds runoff from the town’s streets. The wetland habitat was restored through a grant from the Long Island Sound Futures Fund to the Sea Research Foundation with the efforts of the Avalonia Land Trust (the owners of the parcel) and community residents. You can read about the history of the property, including how it was purchased by The trust, and the benefits of a coastal wetland in a shoreline community on the Avalonia Land Trust website.


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MaryEllen Mateleska, Director of Education and Conservation at the Mystic Aquarium-Sea Research Foundation, gives a tour of the Preserve at a LISS Public Involvement and Education Work Group meeting this August. Photo credit: Judy Preston.


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