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The Long Island Sound Study (LISS) works with federal, state, and local partners to restore and protect Long Island Sound. In 1994, the program’s goals were identified in LISS’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (the CCMP).

Program Goals

  1. Protect and improve the water quality of Long Island Sound and its coves and embayments to ensure that a healthy and diverse living resource community is maintained.
  2. Ensure that health risks associated with human consumption of shellfish and finfish are minimized.
  3. Ensure that opportunities for water-dependent recreational activities are maximized without a conflict with ecosystem management.
  4. Ensure that social and economic benefits associated with the use of the Sound are realized to the fullest extent possible, consistent with social and economic costs.
  5. Preserve and enhance the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the Sound and the interdependence of its ecosystems.
  6. Establish a water quality policy that supports both the health and habitats of the living resources of the Sound and the active and passive recreational and commercial activities of people.

Achieving these goals will require difficult social, institutional, and political choices. Thus, it is necessary to move beyond technology-based control (e.g. permit actions) and manage the Sound and its watershed as an ecosystem through the active participation of government and non-government agencies, and local and regional citizens (CCMP, 1994, page 6).

Learn More

LISS Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

The Management Plan

Read the Summary of the Management Plan or the complete Management Plan is available as aPDF Download. LISS partners are currently working to update themanagement plan.



Biennial Report

Read LISS’s biennial reports on-line. The reports highlight projects by the Study’s partners to improve water quality, restore and protect coastal habitats, conduct scientific research to understand the Sound’s environment, and engage the public to get involved in the restoration plan.

2015 Work Plan

The report highlights current and planned Managment Plan activities. It is available as a PDF Download.

2011-2013 Action Agenda

The LISS Action Agenda: 2011-2013identifies priority actions to implement the Management and sets the stage for a more comprehensive update planned for 2014.

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