Photos of the Long Island Sound

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Project Limulus (Horseshoe Crab Monitoring) Slideshow

March 30, 2010 — Monitoring programs such as Project Limulus are raising awareness of the importance of the American Horseshoe crab in the Long Island Sound ecosystem. Continue Reading

Long Island Sound Fish Trawl Survey Slide Presentation

March 17, 2010 — THE JOHN DEMPSEY: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s largest research vessel, the John Dempsey, underway in Milford Harbor during a day of sampling for the Long Island Sound Trawl Survey in June 2005. The Long Island Sound Trawl Survey takes place each year in the spring (April through June) and in the fall […] Continue Reading

Monitoring the Sound Slideshow

March 16, 2010 — Sound Health 2008 went aboard the research vessel John Dempsey of the CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection to learn how water quality is monitored. View the water quality monitoring slideshow. Continue Reading

Long Island Sound Hypoxia Slide Presentation

March 15, 2010 — To view the hypoxia slide presentation, download the pdf document Continue Reading

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