Watersheds and Embayments Work Group


The Watersheds and Embayments Work Group (WEWG) assists the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) Management Conference in effectively implementing the nonpoint source mitigation actions in the watershed and to embayments as outlined in the LISS Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. WEWG will consider, promote, and monitor LISS partner projects pertaining to all water quality impairments and eutrophication endpoints with an emphasis on interpretation and application to management of watershed pollution sources. In particular, focus will be given to coastal watersheds and their embayments with various types of nonpoint source contaminants that can adversely impact the waters of those embayments and the open waters of Long Island Sound.

Work Group Members

CT Co-chair

  • Mark Parker, LIS Coordinator, CT DEEP

NY Co-chair

  • TBD, LIS Coordinator, NYSDEC


An updated membership list will be posted soon.

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