Miscellaneous Reports

2012 Eelgrass Survey

November 20, 2013 — The US Fish and Wildlife Survey released its 2012 survey of eelgrass in eastern Long Island Sound in November 2013. Read More

Long Island Sound Study 2011-2012 Biennial Report

August 15, 2013 — The report highlights activities of LISS and its partners in 2011 and 2012. Read More

Gardening for a Cause Fact Sheet

May 14, 2013 —   Excessive nutrients and chemicals that result, in part form residential landscaping practices, contribute runoff that is harmful to the… Read More

Sound Health 2012

November 28, 2012 — The report looks at indicators of the Sound's health in the areas of water quality, coastal and animal populations, climate, habitats, and land use. Read More

Sound Advice

February 6, 2012 — Published in 2002, Sound Advice is a handy guide to help homeowners maintain an environmentally safe home and garden. It… Read More

Long Island Sound Study Action Agenda

September 9, 2011 — On Sept. 6, 2011, at the last of the Sound Vision events sponsored by Save the Sound, the Long Island… Read More

Long Island Sound Study 2009-2010 Biennial Report

August 10, 2011 — Protection and Progress, LISS's biennial report, highlights 2009 and 2010 projects that are restoring and protecting the Sound. Read More

Sound Vision Plan

August 2, 2011 — Sound Vision is a plan drafted by Long Island Sound Study’s Citizens Advisory Committee. It is a product of a… Read More

Sound Health 2010

December 21, 2010 — How does Long Island Sound measure up? Find out by downloading the Sound Health 2010 report. The report looks at… Read More

2009 CCMP Implementation Tracking Report

September 17, 2010 — This report summarizes the continuing work of the LISS Management Conference partners in carrying out the Comprehensive Conservation and Managment Plan. Read More

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