Land Coverage & Population

Changes in Forest Cover in CT & NY

June 6, 2012 — Forested Coastal Area Year Sq.¬† Mi. 1985 393.2 1990 381.5 1995 373.4 2002 361.2 2006 356.8 ¬†Forested Area in CT… Read More

Impervious Surface and Stream Health in Long Island Sound Basins

June 6, 2012 — The indicator tracks the expansion of impervious cover (surfaces such as sidewalks and parkling lots) in the watershed. The impervious cover model predicts expected stream quality of a basin based on watershed impervious cover. Read More

Watershed Population

August 13, 2010 — This indicator uses US Census data to track the population living within the Long Island Sound watershed. Read More

Population Within 50-mile radius of LIS

August 8, 2010 — This indicator measures the amount of people who live within about a one-hour drive from Long Island Sound who could potentially have an impact on the Sound in their every day activities or through their specific use of the Sound. Read More

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