Stewardship Area

Pattagansett Marshes and Watts Island

December 10, 2012 — This 52-acre property, owned and operated by The nature Conservancy, and including the one-acre Watts Island, supports an unusually high diversity of plant and animal species due to its coastal location at the mouth of the Pattagansett River and the variety of habitats occurring within a relatively small area. Read More

Stony Brook Harbor

November 16, 2012 — This Stewardship Area is made up of two anchor sites, the Flax Pond State Tidal Wetlands and Laboratory and Long Beach. These sites provide over 1,000 acres of diverse wetland habitat for colonial waterbirds, fish, and horseshoe crabs. Visitors can swim, boat, and fish at Long Beach and other public access points in this Stewardship Area. Read More

Crab Meadow

November 16, 2012 — This Stewardship Area is made up of Crab Meadow Wetlands and Beach and Eatons Neck Point. Crab Meadow is designated by the Department of State as "Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat" because it is one of a few large areas of undeveloped salt marsh ecosystem remaining on the North Shore of Long Island. Eatons Neck Point is private property is not open to the public. Read More

Oyster Bay

November 16, 2012 — This Stewardship Area holds a rich historical, cultural and environmental heritage, providing numerous ecological and recreational benefits. Read More

Hallock State Park Preserve and Mattituck State Tidal Wetlands

November 12, 2012 — Hallock State Park Preserve and Mattituck Creek are home to important bird and fish species, and provide a variety of freshwater wetland types that are not common on the east end of Long Island. Read More

Manhasset Bay

November 12, 2012 — On the North Shore of Long Island, Manhasset Bay is one of the busiest boating harbors in the area, and also acts as a Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat designated by New York State. Read More

Alley Pond

October 22, 2012 — Alley Pond Park and Fort Totten Park make up this Stewardship Area in Queens, NY. Alley Pond Park includes an Environmental Center which offers educational programs indoors and out. Fort Totten Park is a historic area with history dating back to the Civil War, and also serves as a great spot to view migrating winter waterfowl. Read More

Hempstead Harbor

October 19, 2012 — Hempstead Harbor is surrounded by nature preserves and local parks, and includes an Important Bird Area designated by Audubon New York. The Harbor also has several boat launching locations, welcoming kayakers and boaters alike. Read More

Bluff Point

October 17, 2012 — Bluff Point is often considered the last significant undeveloped area on the CT coastline, and is one of the largest natural areas in the state. Its 800 acres support high numbers of threatened and endangered species in a unique combination of habitats. Read More

Rocky Neck

October 15, 2012 — Rocky Neck is the third most visited State Park in Connecticut, popular for its unique range of recreational activities along the Sound. From scuba diving to campsites to historic architecture, this park has something to offer for all outdoor enthusiasts. Read More

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