Population Within 50-mile radius of LIS

Population Within 50 Miles of the Sound
Population in Thousands
NY CT New Jersey Rhode Island Total  
1800 218.1 250.9 128.3 69.1 666.6
1850 919.5 370.8 264.8 155.8 1710.9
1900 3991.3 908.4 1362.1 428.6 6690.4
1950 9865.3 2007.3 3615.8 791.9 16280.3
2000 12689.665 3405.57 5431.48 1048.32 22575.035
2010 13038.826 3574.097 5617.034 1052.567 23282.524

What does this indicate?

Densely populated areas near the coast can put stress on coastal bodies of water such as Long Island Sound. This indicator recognizes that pollution discharges into the Sound from sources such as stormwater runoff, wastewater treatment plants, and air deposits ultimately comes from humans. The indicator tracks people who live within a one hour drive of the Sound, including those who live just outside the watershed boundaries but might commute back and forth into the watershed. The indicator also  shows  the millions  of people who are close by the Sound to  appreciate its resources with activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming.


The population within the 50-mile radius increased by about 700,000 people from 2000 to 2010. The 3.13 percent increase is comparable to the population increase of 3.2 percent for the entire northeast. Overall, the US population increased by 9.7 percent to 308.7 million people with the majority of the increase occurring in the south and west. The Long Island Sound region remains one of the most densely populated areas in the US. About 7.5 percent  (23.3 million people) of the US population lives within the 50-mile radius.

Data Notes

The 50-mile radius population is estimated using US Census Bureau 2010 numbers for counties lying within fifty miles of Long Island Sound. The  50-mile radius/area is measured from three points in the Sound; Execution Rocks Lighthouse off New Rochelle(western Sound), New Haven  (central Sound), and Fishers Island (eastern Sound).



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