Educational Resources

A Public Perception Survey, conducted by the Long Island Sound Study in 2006, suggests that Long Island Sound residents are not well informed when it concerns environmental issues and terms. For example, less than one-third questioned in the survey knew that storm drains empty into the Sound and its tributaries. The survey also indicated that environmentally knowledgeable residents are more likely to engage in behaviors to prevent pollution (such as lawn care practices to reduce fertilizer runoff into storm drains). Below are many educational resources that we encourage educators to use in their classrooms or during their programs in order to help us educate the 8.9 million residents of our watershed.

Tour Long Island Sound Through Pictures

The Long Island Sound Study has compiled resources that serve as a virtual tour of Long Island Sound, including underwater pictures taken by expert divers in 2001. Learn more »

By the Shore or in the Classroom

There are lots of ways you can get your students out of the classroom, collecting data about Long Island Sound. Learn more »

LIS Resource Catalogue for educators and parents

Check out our directory of resources aimed at teaching Long Island Sound and estuary science topics. Learn more »

Helpful Websites

There are lots of websites to visit that can provide more information about Long Island Sound and other estuaries. Learn more »

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