Environmental Justice Work Group


The Environmental Justice Work Group (EJWG) brings together people in the watershed to help LISS actively move forward in its Environmental Justice implementation work and better serve the needs of minority and underrepresented communities who are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards. The EJWG is a newly formed group within LISS and is currently undergoing an iterative process to outline its main goals collaboratively. These are its current identified desired outcomes:

  • Meaningful engagement with new diverse and underrepresented partners and establishment of strong working relationships by the next Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Update in 2025. 
  • Eliminating barriers to participation (e.g., financial, technological, language) and ensuring underrepresented communities have a role in the decision-making process in LISS 
  • Examination of LISS implementation projects and development of a process to hold the program accountable to EJ priorities 
  • EJ needs within the watershed are fully identified and addressed  
  • Funds are set aside for EJ engagement and implementation with an emphasis on community-based projects 
  • Provide technical and financial support to new and diverse partners involved and engaged in LISS Committees and Work Groups. 

Work Group Members


  • Nicole Tachiki, EPA Long Island Sound Office
  • Bessie Wright, EPA Region 1
  • Jimena Perez-Viscasillas, New York Sea Grant


LISS encourages all interested organizations, groups, and individuals to join the EJWG. If you would like to join, please email Jimena at [email protected] to be added to our group mailing list.

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