BIL Projects

Interactive BIL Projects Table

Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 (P.L. 117-58) legislation, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law or BIL, the Long Island Sound Study will receive $21.2 million per year over five federal years (2022–2026). The total of $106 million will fund local BIL initiatives to improve the environmental health, climate resiliency, and economic vitality of the Sound in an equitable manner. The table reports on projects funded through BIL, progress in implementing the projects, and their relationship to the 2020-2024 CCMP.

How to Use the Table

Click on the “Filter Data Table” search button below to view by Activity and Project Type.

Interactive Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Table Field Descriptions
  • Activity Type – The major objective under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in which the project highlights (Environmental Justice, Infrastructure, and Climate Resiliency).
  • Project Lead – The agency conducting the project activity.
  • Project Progress – The status of the project.
  • CCMP Theme – The implementation action’s associated theme of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.
  • Implementation Action Number – The associated defining number of each implementation action number. It is the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan theme (WW, HW, SC, SM) followed by the action number.
  • EPA Federal Funding Amount – The granted budget for each project.
  • Project Link – Additional information on BIL projects.
Background on the CCMP Themes

The Long Island Sound Study (LISS), established in 1985 under Section 320 and 119 of the Clean Water Act, is one of the inaugural EPA National Estuary Programs. EPA, joined with Connecticut and New York, established the LISS Management Conference – a partnership of federal and state agencies, user groups, concerned organizations, and individuals dedicated to improving the health of the Sound. First developed in 1994, the LISS issued a revised Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan in 2015. The plan is organized around four major themes: 1) Clean Waters and Healthy Watersheds (WW); 2) Thriving Habitats and Abundant Wildlife (HW); 3) Sustainable and Resilient Communities (SC); and 4) Sound Science and Inclusive Management (SM). Under each theme, there are set implementation actions which have been formulated to carry out each themes’ strategies to help meet the CCMP’s objectives and outcomes. Every 5 years, the LISS updates each themes’ implementation actions to successfully progress management targets relative to current successes, challenges, and gaps. In 2020, the LISS updated the CCMP Action Plan listing 136 implementation actions covering the period 2020-2024.

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