The Long Island Sound Study Research Grant Program

Scientific research provides a key to better understanding and more effectively managing Long Island Sound. Recognizing the important role that research plays in decision-making, the EPA Long Island Sound Office, Connecticut Sea Grant (CTSG), and New York Sea Grant (NYSG) developed a cooperative program to fund research in support of the Long Island Sound Study. Initiated in 2000, the Long Island Sound Research Grant Program awards funds to researchers whose work helps meet the needs of decision-makers to improve the management of Long Island Sound.

UConn Marine Scientist Penny Vlahos, center, collecting water quality data onboard a university research vessel Vlahos is part of the Long Island Sound Respire Program, a UConn research team that is investigating the respiration process at 10 locations in the Sound to better understand how oxygen is used by aquatic life. The project was funded in 2019 through the LISS Research Grant Program. Photo credit: CT Sea Grant.

Biennial Research Conference

The Long Island Sound Study in cooperation with the New York and Connecticut Sea Grant Programs holds a biennial research conference featuring dozens of presentations by scientists conducting research in Long Island, including projects funded through the Long Island Sound Study research grant program. The last conference was held in March 2019. Here is an agenda from the conference, which is posted on the New York Sea Grant website.

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