Nitrogen Coordination Work Group


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The Nitrogen Coordination Work Group is an opportunity for staff from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation with support from LISS partners to coordinate ongoing nitrogen reduction efforts in the Long Island Sound Study area.


  • Support TMDL implementation and ecosystem restoration.
  • Understand Nonpoint source outputs and improve septic, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure so that it is more resilient to the effects of climate change.


  • Assess and alleviate pathogen and nutrient sources by collaborating with local communities.
  • A long-term priority to fund the development, identification, and appropriate maintenance of 9-Element Watershed Plans and other planning documents that will allow LISS to provide financial and other support for implementation activities over the longer-term.

Work Group Facilitator

Richard Friesner, PhD, NEIWPCC
[email protected] ‚Äč


The following documents will help you learn more about the strategy:

EPA Nitrogen Strategy Subtask Memos and Supporting Documents (Updated 12/20/22):

Note: The Nitrogen Coordination Work Group replaces the Long Island Sound Total Maximum Daily Load Work Group.

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