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Long Island Sound Study Fact Sheet Series

The Long Island Sound Study is starting a new series of fact sheets highlighting the different programs conducted by LISS… Continue Reading

Frequency of Hypoxia

The map above illustrates the areas of the Long Island Sound that are most frequently affected by hypoxia.  The colors… Continue Reading

Partners in Protecting the Sound

This fact sheet, available as a pdf download, describes highlights of LISS-funded projects and initiatives in 2009. Partners in Protecting… Continue Reading

Water Conservation and Marine Water Quality

Clean water is a resource that is taken for granted. Pure water is necessary for growing food, manufacturing goods, disposing… Continue Reading

The Impact of Septic Systems on the Environment

Nearly half of the homes and businesses in the Long Island Sound watershed have septic tank waste disposal systems. When… Continue Reading


Long Island Sound is as famous for its fish and shellfish as it is for boating, swimming, and scuba diving.… Continue Reading

Nutrient Reduction: New Solutions to Old Problems

Over the past three years, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) has been investigating the nature of the hypoxia (low… Continue Reading

Toxic Contamination in Long Island Sound

Of the 55,000 chemicals in use today, many are poisonous or toxic. The effect of toxic contaminants on the health… Continue Reading

Seafood Issues

Should I Continue to Eat Seafood? Yes! If you select a variety of products from reputable establishments or use recreationally… Continue Reading

Floatable Debris

In the summer of 1988, debris washing up on Northeastern shores marred the beauty of our beaches and raised the… Continue Reading

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