Habitat Restoration and Protection Database

habitat restoraton database photo

The Long Island Sound Study website  has a new database that highlights the bi-state effort to restore and project the region’s natural habitats. Since 1998, this work has resulted in more than 1,750 acres of habitat restored, more than 5,000 acres protected through acquisitions and easements, and more than 350 miles of streams reconnected to the Sound for fish passage by removing dams and building fishways.

Users can search the database for project details or click on the interactive map to search for projects by location. The details include the type of habitat restored or protected, its size, and the partners involved in ensuring the project’s completion. Many project web pages include before and after photos.

The database can be accessed through the Habitats section of the Long Island Sound Study website or by clicking directly to www.lisshabitatrestoration.com.  All New York projects have been entered into the database, while the Connecticut projects should be fully entered within the year.

If you are seeking information for projects that you cannot find in the database, please do not hesitate to contact the Habitat Restoration Coordinators at [email protected] or [email protected].

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