What is Sound Stewards?

Sound Stewards is a opportunity to engage students of all ages in hands-on STEM and marine science learning on the shore!

The program hosts student groups at Long Island Sound beaches and facilitates activities to help them explore the Sound environment, such as seining (fishing with a seine net) and water quality testing. Sound Stewards has a variety of components that can be tailored to meet the needs of specific classes and accommodate students of different abilities, ages, and topics of interest. 

This is a New York Sea Grant program and is only available in New York. On the field programming in Connecticut is available here.

Where can we participate in Sound Stewards?

Sound Stewards can take place at many of the LISS Stewardship Sites in New York and our most popular sites to visit include Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai, Orchard Beach in the Bronx, and Read Sanctuary in Rye. LISS staff can help coordinate your visit.


This program is provided for free by LISS Staff and Partners. Average time for a trip is approximately 2 hours per class and there may be limits for the number of students each day. Schools are typically responsible for the cost of travel and bussing.

How can you get your students to participate in this project?

Please reach out to the LISS Outreach Coordinators in New York:

Jimena Perez-Viscasillas, Long Island Outreach Coordinator, at [email protected] or 631-632-8730.

Lillit Genovesi, NYC/Westchester County Outreach Coordinator, at [email protected] or 718-874-0120

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