#DontTrashLISound – 19 (Summer 2018)

It’s art, but it’s still garbage. Earlier this year Sebastian Li, a board member of the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, created these colorful pieces of art from the plastic trash he picked up from Tappen Beach to Sea Cliff Beach. It was posted on the CSHH website with the warning: “Don’t let the beauty of the artistic creations in the photos below fool you—this is all garbage”! The Coalition also added a warning to homeowners to make sure that curbside trash and recyclables are properly covered so they don’t spill onto the street and into a storm drain heading to the Harbor and the Beach.

Protect #LISound.
Break the Single-Use Plastic Habit
Please, #DontTrashLISound http://ow.ly/S1b330l59Dc

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