Miscellaneous Reports

Sound Advice

February 6, 2012 — Published in 2002, Sound Advice is a handy guide to help homeowners maintain an environmentally safe home and garden. It… Read More

Long Island Sound Study Action Agenda

September 9, 2011 — On Sept. 6, 2011, at the last of the Sound Vision events sponsored by Save the Sound, the Long Island… Read More

Sound Vision Plan

August 2, 2011 — Sound Vision is a plan drafted by Long Island Sound Study’s Citizens Advisory Committee. It is a product of a… Read More

2009 Eelgrass Survey

July 10, 2010 — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service completed its report of a 2009 survey of eelgrass beds in eastern Connecticut and the North Fork of Long Island. Read More

Sound Health 2008 Environmental Indicators

December 12, 2008 — What are Environmental Indicators? What is DPSIR? Environmental indicators provide quantitative information on ecological resources, including the state of specific… Read More

Public Perception Survey of Long Island Sound Watershed Residents

November 16, 2006 — The Long Island Sound Study was established in 1985 as a collaborative effort to restore and protect the Sound. The… Read More

2006 Stewardship Atlas

January 11, 2006 — Introduction In 2005, as a culmination of over 3 years of effort, the Long Island Sound Stewardship Initiative work group… Read More

Long Island Sound Habitat Restoration Manual

December 31, 2004 — Habitat – the environment in which an organism or biological population usually lives or grows. The Long Island Sound Habitat… Read More

2000 CCMP Implementation Tracking Report

December 31, 2000 — This report summarizes the continuing work of the LISS Management Conference partners in carrying out the CCMP. The LISS Management… Read More

A Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis to Achieve Water Quality Standards for Dissolved Oxygen in Long Island Sound

December 31, 2000 — On February 5, 1998, the states of Connecticut and New York and the Environmental Protection Agency adopted a plan for… Read More

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