Winter 2001: Sound Conference

This spring will mark seven years since the completion of the Long Island Sound Study’s (LISS) Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). Anyone involved then would have been pleased, given a peek into the future, to see the progress being made to implement it today. But over time, any plan, no matter how good, needs to be reviewed and its priorities adjusted. Conditions change, events occur. Just as you adjust your family’s financial plan to account for additions to the family or changes in market conditions, the cleanup plan for the Sound needs to stay current and incorporate new information and thinking. Commitments need to be renewed and strengthened.

Recognizing this, the Long Island Sound Study’s Policy Committee met this September and charged the LISS Management Conference with developing a Long Island Sound 2001 Agreement for adoption by the New York and Connecticut Governors in September 2001. The Long Island Sound 2001 Agreement will update the 1996 LIS Agreement on CCMP implementation. It will go further in establishing priorities by setting targets and time frames for further implementation of the CCMP. The successes in establishing clear targets and timetables for nitrogen reduction and habitat restoration will be pursued for other CCMP areas such as watershed protection, open space, reserves, living marine resource populations, and toxin, pathogen, floatable, and nonpoint source pollutant reduction.

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