Federal and State Officials Award Grants to Restore the Health and Living Resources of Long Island Sound

Oyster Bay, New York (September 15, 2006) – Gathering together at Oyster Bay, one of Long Island’s environmentally significant coastal areas, top federal and state environmental officials announced nearly $900,000 in grant awards to 38 local community organizations and governments under the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (Sound Futures Fund). The new grant program pools funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Shell Marine Habitat Program, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for projects to restore the health and living resources of Long Island Sound. The Sound Futures Fund is administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The awards will be leveraged with an additional $5.6 million raised by recipients themselves from other funding sources, bringing to $6.5 million the total funding for local conservation projects.

To view the full press release, download the pdf document

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