Nutrient Reduction: New Solutions to Old Problems

Over the past three years, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) has been investigating the nature of the hypoxia (low dissolved oxygen) problem in Long Island Sound. There is a growing consensus among researchers that excess nutrients are the primary cause of the reduced oxygen levels observed in the Sound (see Fact Sheet #I). Measures to improve this condition, such a7 controlling the flow of nutrients. particularly nitrogen, to the Sound. are challenging and could be costly. Original estimates attached a price tag of several billion dollars to the reduction of nutrient pollution from point sources – sewage treatment plants and industry.

To determine the effectiveness of several “low-cost”nutrient reduction measures, the LISS is funding two pilot projects called Action Plan Demonstration Projects. Each will investigate the effectiveness and applicability of certain nutrient reduction technologies in the Sound’s watershed.

To view the full nutrient reduction fact sheet, download the pdf document

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