Toxic Contamination in Long Island Sound

Of the 55,000 chemicals in use today, many are poisonous or toxic. The effect of toxic contaminants on the health of Long Island Sound, and on those who use It. IS a major concern of the Long island Sound Study (LISS).

What is Being Done About Toxic Contamination?

LISS Investigators are evaluating information that identifies which toxic substances are of concern, where they come from, where they end up, how they affect the ecosystem, and what the health risks are for human consumers of seafood products. Ultimately, the LISS will produce a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) that will include a section on management of toxic substances. One goal of the Study is to reduce impacts from toxic contamination on Long Island Sound resources. Another is to minimize human health risks

To view the full toxic contamination fact sheet, download the pdf document

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