Wastewater Treatment

What is Wastewater?

There is no question that the natural resource most critical to our everyday activities is water. We use water freely in our homes, yet give little thought to what happens to it after it goes down the drain. In fact, each of _ . us pours or flushes an average 100 ’ gallons of water per day down household drains. This water, plus water discharged to sewers by commercial and industrial enterprises, is called wastewater. In areas serviced by sewers, wastewater flows to a local treatment facility, or sewage treatment plant (STP). Currently 44 such facilities discharge over 1 billion gallons of treated effluent into Long Island Sound every day. While most of us prefer not to dwell on the subject of sewage, what happens to wastewater should greatly concern all of us.

To view the full wastewater treatment fact sheet, download the pdf document

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