Sound Health 2010

How does Long Island Sound measure up? Find out by downloading the Sound Health 2010 report. The report looks at indicators of the Sound’s health in the  areas of water quality, coastal and animal populations, habitats, and land use.


The Long Island Sound Study has recently updated the full set of environmental indicators that is used to produce the Sound Health report. [intlink id=”49″ type=”category”]Status and Trends[/intlink] includes more than 60 indicators that track environmental conditions in Long Island Sound and management’s response to improve the health of Long Island Sound.

Ordering Sound Health

To order a hard copy, log onto and paste SOUND HEALTH: STATUS AND TRENDS IN THE HEALTH OF LONG ISLAND SOUND, 2010 or order number 902R10002 into the search box.

Sound Points Web Links

Sound Points, a sidebar to the topic areas of the Sound Health 2010 report, included references to Web links to learn more about the species, habitats, water quality conditions, and development impacts that are measured by resource managers to assess the health of Long Island Sound. Below are the links listed in the individual topic areas as well as other links to help you learn more about the Sound and what you can do to protect the Sound..

Hypoxia + Nutrients

Toxic Contaminants



Coastal Birds


Altered Landscapes

What You Can Do

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