Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources: March 7, 2011

The 5th Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources (CCNR) is a multidisciplinary conference bringing together individuals working with  natural resource and environmental management in Connecticut to share research, information, and ideas. The sentiment “many resources, one environment” reflects the conference vision that, while many may focus their efforts on the conservation of particular natural resources, Connecticut has but one environment, and we all work and live much too close together to not gather and interact with one another.  The conference is being divided into nine themes:  Long Island Sound and Coastal Connecticut; Threats to Connecticut’s Forests;  Climate Change Modeling, Mitigation & Adaptation;  Urban Environmental Issues: Air, Water, and Land;  Invasive Species;  GIS Applications in Natural Resources and the Environment;  Green Energy;  Ecosystem Health;  and Fish and Wildlife Management. There will be a mix of professional and informal forums to promote information exchange, networking, a sense of community regarding Connecticut’s natural resources, and recognize achievements of dedicated individuals and groups.

For information on registration, the program, and for submitting papers and posters visit ccnr.

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