Deadline Extended for Futures Fund Grant Program

Attention Futures Fund applicants: The due date for proposals has been extended to Mon, April 23, 2012, 5pm ET (from April 9).


The 2012 Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Long Island Sound Futures Fund has been posted at Proposals are due by 5 PM EDT on Monday, April 23, 2012.

Please note: On April 11, the rFP was updated in the “restrictions and ineligible activities”  regarding a revision to the epa fill policy. The new policy states:

  • No funding under this agreement shall be used to directly or indirectly support the placement of fill, pilings, or platforms in open waters, near shore waters, or wetlands to create artificial islands or serve as infrastructure for commercial development or new land for purposes other than habitat restoration.

The RFP, in response to feedback from last year, has been simplified and shortened, and there are now only three online application types to choose from, down from last year’s five types.  We are hopeful that this may make applying a bit easier.

On the website you will also see sample narratives for each application type as well as links to a document titled “Tips for Preparing a Successful Application.”

Please do read the RFP closely and fully, view the sample narratives, and use the “Tips” document in order to submit a competitive proposal. If you have not previously applied using Easygrants we strongly encourage you to create an account and become familiar with the system, ideally well before you are trying to submit your proposal.

Finally, we cannot emphasize too much the value of registering Register for an Online Workshop for one or both of the online workshops on March 16 and March 20. The first workshop will  be a discussion about the changes in the Request for Proposals and offer general tips for preparing a successful application. The second workshop is a solid three hours working in the online application and providing tips for using the system and for a successful application particularly how to write a competitive  proposal narrative.

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