#DontTrashLISound – 8 (Summer 2018)

“We used to just give out plastic and didn’t think about the damage to the sea. Once we learned about the impact, we had to do the right thing.”

Helen Gonzales, restaurant manager, Tikal.1.

Thank you Greenport, LI restaurants that are Breaking the Single-Use Plastic Habit! Tikal.1 is one of four village restaurants featured in the new Product Stewardship Institute guide to reduce plastic waste at businesses. The restaurant took part in a pilot project that has resulted in a cost savings of about $4,000 a year, a reduction of 52,000 plastic items, and has attracted new customers who care about the environment. Here’s the link to the press release to download the guide. https://www.productstewardship.us/page/RestaurantGuide

Protect #LISound
Please, #DontTrashLISound


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