LIS Mentor Teacher Program to Offer 2 Workshops in September

The Sept.21 Mentor Teacher workshop has been rescheduled to Oct. 5. Here’s an updated Flyer. 

The Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Program, which is run by Connecticut Sea Grant with support from the Long Island Sound Study, is holding  workshops in  Stamford and Norwalk in September. Here’s the information if you are a teacher interested in participating:

Stamford Workshop

Evidence of Environmental Change in the Long Island Sound: A workshop for Secondary Life and EArth science teachers

Date: Saturday, Sept. 7 – 10 am to 4 pm at Harbor Center at Boccuzzi Park, 200 Southfield Avenue.


Questions:? contact: [email protected]

Workshop Highlights

  • Water- and land-based workshop
  • Relevant to NGSS HS-LS2-6; MS-LS2.2; HS-ESS3-5; MS-ESS3-3
  • Explore scientific data collection and analysis methods (NGSS SEP and CCC) as we traverse the Long Island Sound on a SoundWaters schooner
  • Introduction to Tuva – a free data visualization resource that may be leveraged in future state science assessments
  • Receive complimentary instructional resources from sponsor — NOAA SeaGrant

Norwalk Workshop

Discover The Estuary Ecosystems of Long Island Sound.
Tour Copps Island Oyster Company and Sheffield Island

Date: Saturday, Sept, 21 – 9 am to 3 pm

Workshop Highlights

Come learn about a fourth generation family-owned farm that provides high quality, consistent and sustainable products from Long Island Sound.Tour the Sheffield Island Lighthouse, the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge and learn how to take your students on an interdisciplinary field trip that incorporates NGSS, History and Science into an unforgettable interdisciplinary and educational experience for all grade levels.

Join us on the Norwalk Seaport Association ferry cruise to The Copps Island Oyster Company and Sheffield Island. Learn about the Oyster Industry from one of the last standing traditional oyster farms, the maritime history of Norwalk’s Harbor and make curricular connections with Next Generation Science Standards such as, HS LS2-6 , DCI LS2.A – Interdependent Relationships, DCI LS2., C – Ecosystem Dynamics, DCI LS4.D – Biodiversity and Humans and CCC Stability and Change, Systems and System Models.

  • Tour the Copps Island Oyster Company and the historic Oyster Museum on site.
  • View and identify a wide variety of bird species on the journey to the Sheffield island.
  • Discuss the adaptations that have allowed various species to thrive in Norwalk’s Harbor.
  • Tour of the lighthouse and learn about the history of the island and the lighthouse keepers
  • Explore the coastline and view, sketch or collect and identify a wide variety of Shells, Crabs, Seaweeds and other small organisms.
  • Take water samples and discuss water quality.
  • Investigate, explore and compare the variety of estuary ecosystems present on the island, including the salt marsh, rocky shore and sandy shore.
  • Discuss the importance of each ecosystem and the impact humans have on those systems.
  • See one of the largest Osprey nests atop the boat ramp to the island.
  • Pull a plankton net and observe and identify plankton species present.
  • Pull a seine net and observe and identify the species collected.
  • Do a crab count of local crabs by size, species and sex.
  • Use time with colleagues to plan you own adventure to Sheffield Island

Workshop Cost and Registration

1. Complete the Google form using the link below to register :

2. Cost: $10 venmo or check – details will be sent once registration is completed. Payment must be made to reserve your spot for the workshop

3. Goodie bags with various items will be given out too.

Class is limited to the first 20 paid registrations. A wait list will be kept. Please dress for the weather and be prepared to get wet, muddy and have fun. Bring your own lunch,
bug spray and sunscreen we will be outdoors on an island for the majority of the day

Class is organized by Eva Bartush,  a marine biology teach at  Brien McMahon High School and Kimberly Smith,a marine biology teacher at  AITE High School with help from The Norwalk Seaport Association and Norm Bloom and Son, and the The Copps Island Oyster Company.


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