Addressing GAO’s Recommendations: LISS Performance Reporting and Cost Estimating

In 2018, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report titled Long Island Sound Restoration: Improved Reporting and Cost Estimates Could Help Guide Future Efforts (GAO-18-140). The report examined: what is known about the progress made toward achieving the 1994 CCMP; how the Long Island Sound Study intends to measure and report on progress toward achieving the 2015 CCMP; and the estimated costs of restoration. To assist EPA in addressing GAO’s recommendations, EPA hired the Horsley Witten Group and FB Environmental to prepare a report offering suggestions to help LISS further address the GAO’s reporting and cost estimating recommendations. The Horsley Witten Report summarizes findings from an evaluation of the LISS’s current reporting framework through the lens of the GAO leading practices, research on reporting practices from other estuary programs, and a cost analysis to generate ecosystem target cost estimates.

The report is available to download as a pdf document.

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