Exploring the Connecticut College Arboretum

Mamacoke Island

Maggie Redfern, the assistant director of the Connecticut College Arboretum, joined Gardening for Good host Judy Preston recently to discuss what you can see while practicing proper social distance at the Arboretum. The Arboretum is a special place to enjoy native plant gardens, trails, and Long Island Sound coastal habitats such as Mamacoke Island. 

Judy Preston, the Long Island Sound Study Outreach Coordinator, is talking into a microphone at the iCRV internet radio station.
Judy Preston

Connecticut Sea Grant’s Judy Preston, who is the Long Island Sound Study Outreach Coordinator for Connecticut, is on the air and on online streaming! Judy is the host of a new radio show on the iCRV internet radio station in the CT River Valley. The “Gardening for Good” show strives to make connections between good gardening practices and protecting local streams and Long Island Sound.

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