Draw Your Own Anemone!

Tap or click the button below to download an activity booklet to color your own anemone or draw your own Long Island Sound animal from the #DontTrashLISound Protect Our Wildlife series.

Learn About the Habitats on Long Island Sound’s Seafloor!

A striped robin swims past a boulder in search of small crustaceans and other invertebrate prey. The photo is part of an ArcGIS story map tour of the Sound’s undersea habitats.

Life Under the Surface: Scientists map undersea life of the Sound

From shallow sandy habitats to deep boulder habitats, life for Long Island Sound’s marine life is rich in diversity. Long Island Sound’s undersea Habitat Mapping Initiative, with funding that was administered through the Long Island Sound Study, is documenting this life in images and maps on its website where you can see for yourself with an Underwater Story Map.

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