Summer #DontTrashLISound Social Media Campaign Starts Aug. 3

Eight Million Metric Tons! That’s about how much plastic enters our oceans each year! Bottles, bags, take-out containers, and fishing lines to name a few items. This is why the Long Island Sound Study this week is kicking off its fourth annual summer #DontTrashLISound campaign, to educate #LISound residents about the dangers of plastic to wildlife, and about what we can do to help make the Sound Trash Free!

The campaign, scheduled to run through early September, will include messages on social media on what people can do to promote trash-free beaches and Long Island Sound, such as by reducing their use of disposable plastic bags and bottles. There also will be quizzes on Instagram to test the public’s knowledge on plastic’s impact on oceans, and posts about the Covid-19 related problem of disposable gloves, masks, and other Personal Protective Equipment. Continuing this summer will be the popular Protect Our Wildlife stickers series that encourages residents to put a sticker highlighting a Long Island Sound animal on their reusable bottle and take a selfie at a Long Island Sound beach or park.

About three or four messages will be posted each week during the campaign. Long Island Sound’s Citizens Advisory Committee will help spread the messages by sharing the posts on their own social media sites.

So please, #DontTrashLISound. Break the Single-Use Plastic Habit! Use reusable bags and bottles at the beach and your local park. And discard #PPElitter in a secure trash can. Learn more at and view the posts on LISS’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites.

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