Long Island Sound Futures Fund Looks to Award $12 Million in Grants in 2024

Photo of a Long Island Sound Marsh by Patrick Comins. The photo also has the logo of the Natonal Fish and Wildlife Foundation or NFWF

RFP Expected in March; Plan Now to Take Advantage of Workshops, 1-on-1 Sessions, and Grant Writing Opportunities

A total of $12 million in funding for environmental grants is expected to be awarded in the 2024 Long Island Sound Futures Fund grant program. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which administers the Futures Fund, will be announcing the request for proposals in March. Meanwhile, NFWF has just announced workshops for each of the Long Island Sound watershed’s five states to learn about how to apply for a grant through the RFP process. There are also opportunities to schedule one-on-one consultations and to apply for grant writing assistance.

2024 Futures Fund Grant Program Details

Grants for the 2024 Long Island Sound Futures Fund grant program will be available in five states in the Long Island Sound watershed (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). The awards will range from $50,000 to $1.5 million, with a potential of more than $12 million in grants to be distributed. The availability of federal funds estimated in this solicitation will be contingent upon the federal appropriations process. Funding decisions will be made based on level of funding and timing of when it is received by NFWF.

The different funding categories will be based on geography:

Get Started Now! Share a Project Idea, Register for a Webinar, and Get Grant Writing Assistance

Proposal Labs. One-on-one sessions to receive feedback and guidance about individual proposal ideas. February 2024 through April 2024 (Register)

Applicant Webinar. Group sessions and opportunities for shared learning about preparing a competitive LISFF proposal. For Connecticut and New York applicants, register for March 11 workshop at 1 pm. For Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont applicants, register for March 13 workshop at 1 pm.

One-on-one help to develop project ideas in non-coastal Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Contact Throwe Environmental and learn more about LISFF applicant assistance in the Northeast.

One-on-one help to develop project ideas in coastal Connecticut and New York. Contact a Sustainable and Resilient Communities Extension Professionals (SRC contact map).  

Need help writing a grant application in Connecticut and New York? Apply to the Long Island Sound Resilience Grant Writing Assistance Program. The program is administered by the Sustainable and Resilient Communities Extension Professionals.

Contact Victoria Moreno to be put on a mailing list to receive notifications about grants.  

Further information about the Futures Fund grant program is available on the Long Island Sound Study website.

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