Stewardship Poster

August 19, 2016 — This page will soon have a pdf of the Long Island Sound Stewardship poster and photo credits of the 33… Read More

Bioaccumulation Diagram

December 28, 2010 — Read More

Inside the Long Island Sound Food Web

Inside the Long Island Sound Food Web

March 15, 2010 — Microscopic animals (zooplankton) receive energy by grazing on tiny plants (phytoplankton); energy then transfers up through complex pathways known as… Read More

What is hypoxia?

Hypoxia Poster

March 15, 2010 — To view the full size poster, download the pdf document Read More

Step by Step: A citizen’s guide to curbing polluted runoff

March 15, 2010 — This “pollution guy” wants to be a good neighbor. But washing the car or fertilizing the lawn, if not done… Read More

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