Stewardship Success Stories & Videos

Barn Island’s Legacy of Conservation

October 25, 2012 — Over 60 years of research at Barn Island make it a model for tidal marsh restoration planning. Read More

FWS Video: Long Beach West Restoration Project

October 24, 2012 — Video by FWS showing the demolition process of 37 cottages at Long Beach West, along the Great Meadows Stewardship Area. Read More

Gull Island Video

October 9, 2012 — Staff from various organizations, including LISS and Audubon, visited Great Gull Island to see firsthand one of the most significant… Read More

Long Beach West Dune and Beach

October 9, 2012 — Removal of abandoned structures and 35 acres of beach and dune habitat successfully restored along Long Beach West. Read More

Hempstead Harbor Shellfish Beds

June 2, 2011 — New York has reopened 2,500 acres of shellfish beds that have been closed for more than 35 years. Read More

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