Long Island’s Drinking Water – Challenges and Solutions

  • The Grace Communications Foundation recently produced a short educational (and fun) video about the challenges to protect Long Island’s water supply, a source for 2.8 million people, as well as a source of fresh water into the harbors and bays of the Long Island Sound estuary. The video asks Long Islanders where they think there water originates. Many are unaware that ground water is the source. And it  includes interviews with experts involved with trying to protect the ground water. Some of these experts have been involved with Long Island Sound Study committees and projects, including Adrienne Esposito, executive director of the Citizen Campaign for the Environment, Stony Brook University Biologist Chris Gobler, and Kyle Rabin, former director of Friends of the Bay in Oyster Bay. A blog entry about the video by Rabin can be viewed on the Grace website.

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