Photo of the Month

A “Green” Parking Lot

September 27, 2019 — Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson describes the Town Center’s new parking lot, which was designed to control polluted runoff from… Read More

Beach Day

September 1, 2019 — Summer camp students from the YWCA in New Britain, CT enjoying a day at the beach at Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven. Read More

pulling trapa waterchestnut in Portland, CT

Pulling Invasives

August 1, 2019 — CTDEEP and environmental groups pull invasive plants in the Connecticut River in order to protect native plants and animals. Read More

Meeting at Fishers Island

July 1, 2019 — A Fishers Island naturalist describes a grasslands restoration project. Read More

Sea Lettuce by the Sea

June 1, 2019 — Sea lettuce, Ulva lactuca, is found along the open coast, estuaries, and bays of Long Island Sound. Read More

Winter Skate in its seafloor habitat

May 1, 2019 — A winter skate at the bottom of Long Island Sound. Read More

Restoring Otter Creek

April 1, 2019 — A project to restore a coastal forest in Mamaroneck helps LISS fulfill a goal to restore 2,000 acres of habitat. Read More

Alewives in the Peconic River. Photo by: Bryan Young

River Herring Monitoring

March 1, 2019 — Attend a training session this month to learn how to track river herring populations. Read More

Connecticut Sea Grant Celebrates 30 Years of Protecting the Sound

February 1, 2019 — Latest issue of Wrack Lines celebrates Connecticut Sea Grant's 30th anniversary. Read More

Icy River

January 1, 2019 — Ice accumulates on the CT River, Jan. 2018 Read More

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