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Corrie sandy point

Prefer warm days out on the Sound than staying inside during winter? Then it might be time to enjoy the summer scenery and wildlife of Long Island Sound’s Stewardship Areas – on video. In summer 2014, Jack Silky, an intern at the EPA Long Island Sound Office in Stamford, shot video at many of the Long Island Sound Stewardship Areas with the purpose of highlighting these precious, unique coastal areas. He produced short video clips, the Long Island Sound Stewardship Atlas Video Series, that are now on the Long Island Sound’s YouTube channel. The videos include one of the Sound’s best locations for birding, the Sandy Point Stewardship Area, and a discussion of its importance with Corrie Folsom-O’Keefe, Audubon Connecticut’s Important Bird Area Program Coordinator (pictued above).  These clips also soon will appear on Long Island Sound’s Online Stewardship Atlas where you can get information on the ecological and recreational importance of the Sound’s 33 Inaugural Stewardship Areas.

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