River Herring Monitoring

Alewives in the Peconic River. Photo Credit: Byron Young


Volunteers Needed: River Herring Monitor Training

Volunteers are needed to watch for spawning river herring. River Herring, Alewife and Blueback Herring, are native to Long Island and Westchester. Like salmon, they split their life cycle between salt and freshwater. Most tributaries once supported spring runs of returning river herring. Unfortunately, river herring runs have been decimated by dams, habitat loss, and declining water quality. While remnant populations exist in a few rivers, little is known about their overall status in our area. Documenting existing spawning runs is an important step in the restoration effort. Training sessions are in March 2019.

Training Session Dates:

March 5
Time: 4:30-5:30 pm
Place: Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, 301 Main St, Cold Spring, NY

March 7
Time: 6-7 pm
Place: Save the Sound, 545 Tompkins Ave., Mamaroneck, NY

March 18
Time: 6-7 pm
Place: NYSDEC Marine Resources, 205 N. Belle Meade Rd, East Setauket, NY

Please RSVP: Victoria O’Neill; [email protected]; (631) 444-0441




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