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Long Island Sound Summit to Highlight Strategy to Protect Underwater Resources: Acclaimed Marine Author/Illustrator Will Give Keynote Address

November 1, 2004 — Stamford, CT, Nov. 1, 2004—“Ocean Zoning: Does it Make Sense for Long Island Sound?” will be the featured topic at… Read More

Summer/Fall 04 Sound Update

September 12, 2004 — To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the demise of cooperation between Connecticut and New York have been greatly exaggerated. At… Read More

2003-2004 Long Island Sound Study Biennial Report

August 11, 2004 — Authorized by Congress, the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) brings together federal, state, interstate, and local agencies, industry, universities, and… Read More

Graduates Students Offered Opportunity To Become Long Island Sound Fellows

July 1, 2004 — Stamford, July 1, 2004 — Graduate students interested in careers in coastal environmental management can apply for one-year fellowships, and… Read More

$70,000 in Small Grants Available For Educational Work on Long Island Sound

June 7, 2004 — Stony Brook, NY, June 7, 2004 — Groups have until Aug. 27 to submit grant applications for the Long Island… Read More

Spring 04 Sound Update

April 12, 2004 — The Long Island Sound Study Stewardship Initiative is working to identify places along the coast with significant biological, scientific, or… Read More

LISS Sponsors Local Stewardship Initiative Public Meetings

February 12, 2004 — Stamford, CT, February 12, 2004 — Have an idea on how best to protect and preserve the most valuable resources… Read More

2003 CCMP Implementation Tracking Report

December 31, 2003 — This report summarizes the continuing work of the LISS Management Conference partners in carrying out the CCMP. The LISS Management… Read More

Sound Health 2003

December 15, 2003 — Sound Health 2003 is our report to the public on the environmental issues affecting Long Island Sound. It provides information… Read More

Long Island Sound Study Funds 20 National Estuary Day, Exotic Species and Public Participation Projects

October 27, 2003 — Stony Brook, NY, October 27, 2003 — The Long Island Sound Study announced today that more than $80,000 has been… Read More

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