Seal-spotting and Birding Cruise

Study winter biodiversity, including plankton and migrating waterfowl, as you seek out some of the seals that winter in Long Island Sound. Learn about the seals and get a broad picture of how the Sound’s animal population changes in the winter, which animals swim or fly south, which burrow into the mud and which have adapted to the cold. Students will use scientific tools and instruments to measure weather and water chemistry.

This project meets the following Next Generation Science Standards, organised below by grade:

4th: LS1-1, ESS2-1
5th: LS2-4, ESS2-1
6th-8th: LS2-2, LS2-3, LS2-4
9th-12th: LS2-8, LS4-4

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Information on how to access this in-person resource is available at the Maritime Aquarium website.


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