The Long Island Sound Resource Catalogue for Educators and Parents

Tag: Hard Copy

Early College Experience – Marine Sciences

Education Level(s): 9-12

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is an opportunity for students to take UConn courses while still in high school. MARN… Read More

Exploring the Estuary! A Teacher’s Guide to the New York New Jersey Harbor Estuary Region

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, K-2

Highlights the region’s estuary-related education programs. Read More

Audubon at School Grades A Schoolyard Habitat Curriculum Guide

Education Level(s): K-2

Contains extensions to Long Island Sound from overall biology and nature curriculum. Read More

Marine Science of Long Island Sound

Education Level(s): 9-12

Intertidal, ecology, continental shelf and human impact of The SoundEcology, the Continental Shelf, and Human impacts of the Sound. This… Read More

Grade 3-7 Watershed Curriculum including Study Trips

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8

Mill River Wetland Committee, Inc. (MRWC) is a Fairfield-based non-profit organization devoted to strengthening environmental science education and developing general… Read More

A Living Museum at Ocean Beach Park

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, Adult

A program to to foster Education, Appreciation & Sustainability for nature. Includes self-guided brochures for children and adults featuring plants,… Read More

Mapping Sea Turtle Movement in Long Island Sound

Education Level(s): 6-8

Satellite Mapping activity developed in collaboration with Atlantic Marine Conservation Society. This project meets Next Generation Science Standards core ideas… Read More

Long Island Sound Study Fact Sheets

Education Level(s):

We use all of the fact sheets because even though they’re incredibly dated, they provide a completely understandable story of… Read More

Shorebird Importance Lesson

Education Level(s): 3-5, K-2

Students learn about the importance of priority shorebirds and their connection to the environment and ways they can help to… Read More

Aquatic Invasive Species of Long Island Sound Poster

Education Level(s):

A colorful poster depicting invasive species, with information on when they were reported in Long Island Sound. Read More

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