The Long Island Sound Resource Catalogue for Educators and Parents

Tag: Biology

AP Environmental Science

Education Level(s): 9-12

This program provides a fieldwork experience designed to link directly to the AP Environmental Science curriculum. Students collect water samples… Read More

Biodiversity and Conservation

Education Level(s): 9-12

Marine life study cruise with focus on taxonomy of plankton – sharks and conservation issues facing Norwalk Harbor and Long… Read More

Undersea Ecosystems

Education Level(s): 6-8

Marine life study cruise with focus on examining the diets and interrelationships of Long Island Sound animals. This project follows… Read More

Creatures of the Deep

Education Level(s): 3-5

Marine life study cruise with focus on adaptations of the animals living in LIS. This project meets Next Generation Science… Read More

At Your School and Beyond

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, K-2, Pre-K

Hands-on, inquiry, critical thinking, STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards support, onsite or classroom visit. Read More

Early College Experience – Marine Sciences

Education Level(s): 9-12

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is an opportunity for students to take UConn courses while still in high school. MARN… Read More

Pre-College Summer Program

Education Level(s): 9-12

This class on Marine Biology and Oceanography is a hands-on course integrating biology, chemistry, physics and math to study the… Read More

Project Oceanology Educational Programs

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, K-2

Hands on, inquiry based science education onsite or classroom visit. Read More

Audubon at School Grades A Schoolyard Habitat Curriculum Guide

Education Level(s): K-2

Contains extensions to Long Island Sound from overall biology and nature curriculum. Read More

Lobster Die-Off in the Long Island Sound

Education Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, K-2

Curriculum centered around Long Island Sound lobsters and their subsequent die-off. The program meets Next Generation Science Standards including PE… Read More

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